Stronghold2D is an awesome 2D Multiplayer War game that will allow you to play on any mobile device.
Build a Stronghold and Protect it by adding Cannons, Lasers, Missiles and other 2D war objects.

Also Available on Amazon App Store and Facebook.

Play on your desktop Windows, Mac and Linux

simple and fiendly interface

2D Physics

Everyone loves physics, so we had to include them. Have explosions that will actually explode other buildings! Careful of that Nuke!

All your data in cloud


Create and Join multiplayer rooms so you can play with randoms, or just your friends. Play anytime you can with Stronghold2D Multiplayer.

Personalized User Support


That's right! You'll be standing on your toes playing Stronghold2D. Better look at what your opponents are doing, and watch the skies!

Great Community

Minimal Art

Experience a 2D war with minimal art that will run on all devices. Free to play multiplayer, and multiple single player levels.